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WATCH: Former GOP Official’s Mask Tantrum Makes ‘Freedumb’ Ring

WATCH: Former GOP Official’s Mask Tantrum Makes ‘Freedumb’ Ring

Josh Mandel (R-OH), who has served as State Representative for his district and later as State Treasurer, is sick of masks. However, while many Americans are content to throw their masks in a garbage can Mandell went for high drama. Social media is having a blast with his tantrum.

[Screenshot via Josh Mandel/Twitter]

A lot of people are sick and tired of wearing masks, social distancing, and missing out on certain factors of pre-COVID-19 life, like going to movies and parties. Now guidelines support those who are fully vaccinated going mask-free in most circumstances, and people are getting their shots, tossing their masks, and hugging their grandmas.

Most are not making a theatrical display of setting their masks on fire and dropping them in a stairwell and walking away, then posting the whole scene on Twitter and labeling it “freedom,” but Josh Mandell is an exception.

However, he may not have expected that in response, he’d get a lot of suggestions for an alternative spelling.

Calling the vid “cringeworthy” and an act of rebellion on a level to be expected of an 8-year-old child, Twitter users let him have it, revising his caption to read, “FREEDUMB.”

(Language warning for a few of the tweets.)



Mandel appears to still be proud of the video, using Twitter’s pinning feature to keep it at the top of his profile page, and even complaining when CNN‘s Jake Tapper retweeted it, then deleted to redo with context.

Tapper responded to him to call out as a lie the notion that he had removed it due to “hurt feelings” of “Democrat handlers” and to explain the real reasoning. True to his word, Tapper had already quote-tweeted the video, adding information to identify Mandel.

Forbes reported earlier this month on the dangers of burning masks, which are typically made in part with certain plastics that, when burned, release “dozens of different chemicals…some which are certainly toxic.”

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