WATCH: Former GOP Legislator Says Joe Biden Is Possessed By Demons; White House Controlled By Devil

Gordon Klingenschmitt, who served a two-year term in the Colorado House of Representatives, explained last week that he believes the Devil is controlling the White House and demon-possession is one of the many problems he has with the Biden Administration.

[Screenshot via Pray In Jesus Name/YouTube]

Spoiler alert: this particular round of hate is of the transphobic variety. Klingenschmitt is super upset that President Joe Biden nominated a transgender woman, Rachel Levine, as assistant health secretary. He’s also angry that the president spoke up for the rights of transgender schoolkids, supporting safe access to bathrooms and locker spaces.

Somehow, he reckons that an omnipotent God lost control of the election, and Satan placed Biden in the White House. “I do believe God wanted Donald Trump to be re-elected. I think it was God’s will,” he explains in the clip above, from Right Wing Watch.

It’s not, unsurprisingly, Klingenschmitt’s first anti-trans rant, or even his first anti-trans rant specifically about the Biden Administration. An opinion piece printed in Colorad Springs Indy last month linked back to a newsletter (the opinion piece describes it as “rambling, incoherent…chock-full of false and inflammatory dog whistles for the religious right”) that the former politician’s released in December.

Coming from his Pray in Jesus Name org, the missive insists that female soldiers and students will be forced to shower with men within hours of Joe Biden’s inauguration, that homeless women will be forced to sleep with homeless men, and that Christian soldiers, who will surely object, will be thrown out of the military, resulting in an atheist army, which, the newsletter speculates, will then be prepared to fight for the antichrist.

There’s no sign that the complete failure of his prior predictions to come true has in any way dissuaded Klingenschmitt from his mission to demonize the President of the United States and continue his battle against equal protections for transgender individuals.

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