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WATCH: Former GOP Chair Slams Former Colleauges: This is Personal For Me

WATCH: Former GOP Chair Slams Former Colleauges: This is Personal For Me

A number of current Republican senators have a relationship with Michael Steele. Steele served as the chair of the RNC while many of them faced reelections or were elected for the first time.

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But the former RNC chair doesn’t care at all for what has become of his party. He joined up with the Lincoln Project in an effort to defeat Donald Trump. And during a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, Steele lashed out at GOP senators who voted against a 1/6 commission.

He told host Ali Velshi, “This is personal for me, and those two words were just — I don’t know. that was the only way I could put it, Ali, was to kind of say, look at — look at the members of my team, you know, guys that I have known and worked with over many, many years who once stood for something, once said something that meant a lot and could mean a lot to people, just buckle.”

Steele continued, “Buckled because [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell wanted them to buckle, because [Donald] Trump wanted them to,” he continued. “Buckled because [House Minority Leader Kevin] McCarthy wanted them to. There was no leadership there, and that’s what that moment called for.”

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The former RNC chair closed, “I just don’t know, Ali. I kind of look at this and just say to myself, ‘where do you go from here, what do you say next to the American people?’ How do you now come on the other side of this vote or non-vote and say to Brian Sicknick’s mother, you know, what? What do you say to her? She walked the halls of our Congress trying to get people to do the right thing, to vote to just find out why her son died — and the arrogance…”

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