[WATCH] Former Fed Prosecutor Says Steve Bannon Has ‘No Legal Case’ to Protect Him From Jan 6th Committee Subpoena

Former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin has a warning for former Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon: you got nothing.

Zeldin appeared on CNN Saturday morning to discuss the subpoenas issued to Bannon and three other top Trump aides–Kash Patel, Mark Meadows, and Dan Scavino, whose whereabouts are currently unknown to the January 6th Select Committee, leaving them unable to serve him with his own subpoena. Zeldin told host Laura Jarrett that Bannon has no legal case that will keep him from having to comply with the committee investigating his role in the January 6th Capitol riot.

[Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images]
Like any typical Trumper who feels the walls closing in on them, Bannon sent up a smokescreen to hide the real truth of his situation. Bannon made a great show of stating that he will not turn over documents or testify about the insurrection, citing both executive privilege and attorney/client privilege — even though he is not a lawyer.

But now that President Joe Biden’s White House will not allow executive privilege to be used to block any testimony, Bannon will lose and quickly at that, Zeldin says.

“He should lose, ” Zeldin said. “Executive privilege is a privilege that allows the president at the time to seek candid advice from his senior advisers. Bannon didn’t work in the White House since 2017. Therefore, on its face, the privilege is inapplicable to him. I think this is just typical Bannon stalling.”

There are a lot of “shoulds” associated with TrumpWorld, but Zeldin believes their days of getting away with everything are in their rearview mirrors. “His case should be resolved pretty quickly, and he should lose,” he added.

Watch Michael Zeldin with Laura Jarrett, below.

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