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WATCH: Former Dem. Rep. Max Rose Shuts Down Bill Maher’s Anti-Vax Rant

WATCH: Former Dem. Rep. Max Rose Shuts Down Bill Maher’s Anti-Vax Rant

Real Time With Bill Maher is often seen as a show that leans left. That is not, however, necessarily true. The HBO host often platforms toxic right wing personalities like Ben Shapiro, Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos.

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Maher has also had significant issues with race. During a segment with Ben Sasse, he called himself a “house n*gger.” Another time, he defended Bill O’Reilly for calling Maxine Waters, “James Brown in a wig.”

And during a segment on his show this week, Maher decided to go the anti-vax route. Thankfully, he was shut down by former New York Congressman Max Rose.

During a discussion about the 3rd COVID booster shot, the host noted, “I mean, I don’t want a booster. I never wanted the vaccine, I took one for the team.”

Maher continued:

“And by the way, do you know who doesn’t get a lot of vaccines? Millennials. I know a lot of millennials. Especially the twenty-year-olds, they don’t want it, they don’t think they need it, they’re probably right. But I tell them, I didn’t want it either, I took one for the team. But every eight months you’re going to put this sh*t in me? don’t know about that. Maybe I don’t need one. I don’t want a one-size fits all. My body may be different than you’re body.”

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An aghast Rose jumped in, “Yeah, I lost you man. That’s crazy.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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