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WATCH: Former AG Whitaker Says Abuse of Power Isn’t a Crime

WATCH: Former AG Whitaker Says Abuse of Power Isn’t a Crime

Donald Trump’s surrogates and allies have been defending him on cable news ever since the Ukraine quid pro quo story broke. As more administration officials have testified in front of House committees, the defenses have become more and more audacious.

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Matthew Whitaker appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show yesterday to speak about the President’s current predicament. According to the former Acting Attorney General, Trump has done nothing wrong because abuse of power “isn’t a crime.”

Whitaker only served as the acting Attorney General for four months. He was replaced by William Barr once it became clear that his appointment would be difficult to confirm.

The former United States Attorney now provides articles for Fox and makes regular appearances on the channel’s programs.

He was asked by host Laura Ingraham about former FBI official Peter Strzok. Whitaker replied, “Remember, these global elitists, these careerists have made promises and have set in place a world establishment that operated a certain way, and President Trump has asks questions like ‘Why do we do this this way?'”

The former acting Attorney General continued:

“I’m a former prosecutor and what I know is this is a perfect time for preliminary hearings, where you would say ‘Show us your evidence. What evidence of a crime do you have?’ Abuse of power is not a crime. Let’s fundamentally boil it down, the Constitution is very clear that there has to be some pretty egregious behavior and they cannot tell the American people what this case is even about.”

You can watch the segment here, courtesy of Fox News:

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