WATCH: Foreign Policy Expert Explains How JD Vance Is Helping Russia With His Policies

His recent interview with Tucker Carlson showed that Vladimir Putin is more than happy to take advantage of a useful idiot. Sadly, the idiots willing to help Putin divide the world aren't limited to the media, but they are in the United States Senate as well and there is no better example than JD Vance. 

Despite serving in the state of Ohio, which has a very high Ukrainian population, he has been resistant to providing funding to the country in its fight against Russia.

Foreign policy expert Ian Bremmer was asked about Vance during a recent appearance on CNN. "Greater divisions are useful for Russia," he said. "I mean, they see that the United States is increasingly unwilling to provide additional military support to the Ukrainians."

Bremmer then turned his sights solely on Vance, saying:

"I was at the Munich security conference. J.D. Vance, channeling former President Trump, was the most outspoken, by far, in saying, 'I don't think we should continue to provide American taxpayer dollars in order to support Ukraine.' That is music to Putin's ears! And of course, the more than the Trump is seen as owning the GOP, the more that he is seen as able to block support that has a majority of Republicans in favor."