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WATCH: Florida Republican Says McCarthy Tapes Were Edited, Blames Media

WATCH: Florida Republican Says McCarthy Tapes Were Edited, Blames Media

Kevin McCarthy, House GOP Leader who is expected to make a bid for Speaker of the House if Republicans take back the majority in November, said that a New York Times story about him (containing an excerpt from a new book) was false. Then the recordings came out. Now, at least one of his colleagues is pushing the notion that the recording is fake.

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In January of 2021, fans of Donald Trump mob-rushed the U.S. Capitol Building, threatening the lives of elected officials and hoping to somehow, through violence, change the outcome of the 2020 election. They were unsuccessful, but the bigger question was about Trump’s role. Congress had to decide whether, and how, to hold him responsible for revving up the mob and pointing them at the Capitol.

In those conversations immediately after the attack, Kevin McCarthy was reported to have expressed his frustration with Trump, his intent to urge Trump to resign, and his wish that some Members of Congress would join the then-president in being kicked off social media over the inflammatory things they continued to say.

He denied it all. Then, the recordings began being released. Here’s the one where he says he’ll advise Trump to resign, and here are the ones where he expresses frustration and desire for others to lose their platforms, and saysTrump admitted responsibility. Finally, here’s where he said he was going to contact Members of Congress over their continued potentially illegal rhetoric that might make others the target of violence.

So, what do his colleagues think? A lot of Republicans are pretty upset with him, but as you can see below, Representative Maria Salazar (R-FL), a former news anchor herself, seems to think McCarthy is the victim of edited audio.

“My response to that is that it was edited. You see, I know the art of editing, so I don’t — I’m not sure. I’m not sure in what context. But what I’m saying to you is that it’s not a matter of trying to find out what happened.What he said is the whole story…history will judge the news organizations.”

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