WATCH: Florida Cops Turn Off Body Cameras While They Harass, Detain Political Foe of Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis

Author and progressive activist Grant Stern of Occupy Democrats obtained and shared a video of police officers in Miami-Dade County, Florida harassing and threatening to arrest Thomas Kennedy – a political opponent and “known agitator” of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – at DeSantis’s behest.


Grant reported on Friday afternoon that “Officer A. Herrera detained Democratic National Committee member Thomas Kennedy in the parking lot near an April 8th public meeting at the Port of Miami with the governor, state attorney general, and other public officials.”

After receiving a warning against trespassing – for which there appeared to be no legal basis – Kennedy was “detained.”

And although most of the encounter was recorded on Herrera’s body camera, several minutes of footage – including the part when Kennedy was deprived of his constitutional liberties – were missing.

Herrera “used the on-off switch like an edit button,” Stern wrote. “Herrera’s interactions with Kennedy lasted 11 minutes, but because of his on-scene editing, he only captured 9 minutes of footage. Of that footage, nearly 6 minutes had no audio.”

Herrera “totally disregarded or evaded the body camera policy on the arrest,” explained Stern:

The policy’s section on ‘Prohibited Conduct’ cites the police accreditation body CALEA’s manual as its source and notes, ‘Employees will not use any other electronic devices, or other means, in order to intentionally interfere with the capabilities of the BWC. (author’s emphasis).’ Miami-Dade Police Department body-worn camera policy clearly states, ‘Officers will place the BWC in the “Record Mode” and continue recording until the conclusion of the event under the following circumstances: 1. Upon being dispatched or responding to a call for service as the primary or back-up unit. 2. Before engaging in any field activity.’

Why Herrera turned his body camera off is still not publicly known, and lawsuits have been filed in order to get answers. But Stern believes that DeSantis is behind all of this:

But we do know from the Florida Governor’s office that they singled out Kennedy intentionally and he believes a public meeting between cabinet members he and Attorney General Ashley Moody with media and the public present on public property using his official regalia of office was somehow just a ‘private event.’

Stern posted the jarring incident and the disturbing backstory to Twitter.

“Florida Governor DeSantis freely admitted that he censored ‘known agitator’ Thomas Kennedy. But the Miami-Dade Police Department is in no hurry to admit their officer grossly violated department policy to avoid recording much of this thought-crime arrest,” Stern tweeted.

Watch below:

The full story is available on Substack.

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