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WATCH: First Footage Released From Trump Documentary After January 6th Committee Subpoena

WATCH: First Footage Released From Trump Documentary After January 6th Committee Subpoena

Despite how much Donald Trump rails and raves at negative press, throughout his time in office he gave access for interviews, photos, and film to more than a few reporters willing to expose the bald truth, rather than a gilded image of the former president. One particular filmmaker, in fact, had access to Trump and his family and campaign throughout the last few months before the 2020 election, and after.

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Alex Holder was in the process of selling his documentary on Trump’s last months in office when the January 6th Committee subpoenaed the footage. He says that the full series will be available on a streaming service in short order. In the meantime, the House Select Comittee investigating the January 6th attack has received it, and is receiving further information from Holder in a Thursday deposition.

Now, CNN has obtained and is sharing the first public glimpse at footage from the series, and you can watch below.

It’s a tiny glimpse, less than 20 seconds, from behind the scenes of a period of several months that would end with America in upheaval, lawmakers lives threatened, and ultimately, an ex-president who still can’t admit that he lost nearly two years later.

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Still, even this little peek gives us Ivanka Trump declaring her father to be “very honest,” Donald Trump Jr. praising his dad’s intentions, and Trump himself declaring that when people don’t “treat [him] well” it’s time to “go to war.”

The last moment of the preview hints that there’s an interview in which Trump himself answers questions about January 6th, and from the Congressional subpoena we know that the documentary series is expected to include never-before-seen footage from that day’s attack.

As the January 6th Commitee reviews raw footage for their own purposes, it’s possible we’ll get more sneak peeks as the public hearings continue.

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