WATCH: “Fire Mitch. Save America.” Dedicated Super PAC Releases Ad Campaign

It’s time to get rid of Mitch McConnell, according to the group behind a new ad campaign. Fire Mitch. Save America. is a Super PAC with only one goal (well, perhaps two, based on their name). They want Mitch McConnell out of the Senate, and out of power in the U.S. In a video ad, the PAC says McConnell ‘made’ Trump, normalizing him and enabling him.

Fire Mitch Save America says PAC ad
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

The new ad calls for Kentucky voters to look at Mitch’s record, from fighting against campaign reform, to blocking President Barack Obama from passing legislation and filling a Supreme Court seat, to covering for Donald Trump’s failure to act quickly and decisively to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The PAC has been posting ads and information about removing Mitch McConnell — whose “cynical, obstructionist approach” they say is “break[ing] Washington D.C.” — since January, when they released an ad featuring clips of entertainers and tv hosts describing McConnell as “the perfect movie villain,” and “the kidney stone of the Senate.” It includes a clip of McConnell describing himself as “the grim reaper.” Altogether, it’s an image of a legislator who is proud of his reputation for preventing legislation from even being discussed or open to a vote.

The Fire Mitch. Save America. PAC holds Governor Matt Bevin’s 2018 defeat as evidence that the people of Kentucky are ready for a change, and that in the 2020 elections, Mitch’s time might be up as well. In fact, they say that some of the same people who fought for Bevin’s ouster are now dedicated to the same fate for McConnell:

Fire Mitch Save America is being led by key players behind Andy Beshear’s historic upset over Matt Bevin. Beshear’s campaign manager Eric Hyers will spearhead this effort with a single goal: to elect Amy McGrath and rid Kentucky—and the country—of Mitch McConnell.

Newsweek reported last week that challenger Amy McGrath has taken a narrow lead over McConnell in recent polling, which becomes a wide lead when voters are informed of the two candidates’ positions (McConnell against; McGrath for) on congressional term limits.

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