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WATCH: Footage From Alex Holder’s Trump Documentary Has Been Leaked

WATCH: Footage From Alex Holder’s Trump Documentary Has Been Leaked

During their last few months in office, the Trump family offered British filmmaker Alex Holder unprecedented access. The documentarian has now become a witness in the January 6th hearings and his footage is being used as evidence.

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At this moment, Holder has only released certain clips. People interested in watching the whole film will have to wait until it debuts on Discovery+. Politico recently obtained more clips from the movie and posted them online today.

In different clips, “Ivanka frets about a line on her dress, and jokes about covering it with a pet roaming about. ‘Can I borrow your dog?’ she asks her makeup artist. Jared nervously repositions his tie and asks, ‘Is that okay?’ Don Jr., seen at a rally, screams, ‘We will make liberals cry again!’ Eric is caught on a phone call, mysteriously saying, ‘For the sake of this country, we’re going to get these guys.'”

Holder has previously said of his time with Trump, “He believed in his own lie. He had absolutely convinced himself that he had actually won, and that all the things he was saying prior [to the election] came true, that actually there was some malfeasance.”

The documentarian continued by saying of the former President, “I was thinking it was absolutely terrifying. The sitting President of the United States, in the diplomatic reception room at the White House, with the guy with the nuclear football outside the room, and this guy is clearly somebody who is living in an alternate reality.”

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Correction: This article originally stated that the footage was released by Holder. The clips were actually leaked without the filmmaker’s knowledge.


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