WATCH: Fetterman Rips Fox When Network Has Him on As Guest

Fox News had Democratic Senator John Fetterman in for an interview on Monday and the Pennsylvania Democrat made sure to take advantage of his time on air. 

Fetterman certainly has a reputation as a fighter. Like Joe Biden, there were concerns about his health during an election after he suffered a stroke before his race against Mehmet Oz but was able to win his election anyway. 

The Pennsylvania Senator appeared on Fox News and host Bill Hemmer was ready to go after Biden, asking about former Congressman Tim Ryan's call for the President to step down from the race. 

"Well, first, let me say that I'm not sure who really gives a s--t what Tim Ryan thinks about the situation," Fetterman replied. "I know that it says 'former,' so he's not really a part of it in that conversation right now."

Fetterman then turned to Biden's opponent, saying, "I think Trump is about Project 25. And why did he want to run away from that? What about Project 25? And I'm proud to stand with Joe Biden. And I'd like to remind everybody here that Biden won."

Bringing up the Dominion lawsuit, Fetterman continued, "And it really was very costly for Fox, you know, after they repeated a lot of the lies that Trump had after he lost."