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[WATCH] Fetterman Reacts to Election Audit in Pennsylvania

[WATCH] Fetterman Reacts to Election Audit in Pennsylvania

Don’t mess with John Fetterman.

The Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, who’s announced a Senate run in 2022, never minces words. Big, brash, bald, and brazen, Fetterman has never been one to pull punches when it comes to advocating for his constituents. Now a senior Penn state lawmaker and loyal supporter of Donald Trump has launched an audit all his own in the hopes of overturning Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results, following the blueprint of the sham audit in Arizona, which is still somehow ongoing. So of course Fetterman has plenty to say.

Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

Fetterman is considered the front runner for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Senator Pat Toomey, and his campaign has already raised $2.5 million. The race for Toomey’s Senate seat is considered a marquee contest in the 2022 midterm as both Democrats and Republicans fight for control of the currently 50-50 Senate. Trump won the blue-leaning swing state in 2016 by about 44,000 votes only to lose it to President Biden in 2020 by more than 81,000 votes.

The frontrunner spoke out last month against Trump’s call for a “full forensic audit” of the Pennsylvania presidential election results, calling it “ludicrous”. Fetterman also continues to crush anyone perpetuating the Big Lie about the election.

A popular local figure, Fetterman has been increasing his national profile with his typically blunt interview appearances. “No one’s taking this seriously,” Lt. Gov. Fetterman said, referring to the audit with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Saturday morning.

“They’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer,” Fetterman said of those challenging the votes.

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Watch John Fetterman with Ali Velshi, below.

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