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WATCH: Right Wing Pastor Drives To NY To Demand That Trump Arrest Hillary Clinton

WATCH: Right Wing Pastor Drives To NY To Demand That Trump Arrest Hillary Clinton

Anyone who was plugged into the 2016 presidential campaign remembers the lusty “LOCK HER UP!” chants that were a theme of both the Republican National Convention as well as Donald Trump’s notoriously raucous and sometimes violent campaign rallies. The chant was even started by the now-disgraced Michael Flynn, who was briefly Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser.

Here is a video of that for the uninitiated:

The chants did not stop with the campaign, though. It continued long after, and was captured even after bomb threats were sent to prominent Trump critics:

Now, it seems that even as we approach the new presidential race for 2020, some Trump supporters cannot let go of the idea that somehow, some way, Donald Trump will throw Hillary Clinton in prison. They really appear to want a banana republic where losing an election means prison time.

Meet Pastor Dave Daubenmire of Ohio. He is a Trump supporter who traveled to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in New York, and called it, quote, “the greatest crime scene.” He is demanding that Donald Trump use the powers of the presidency to put Hillary Clinton in jail. He also called for others to come to the Clinton home, and spoke of an “ungodly secret government.”

This sort of thing is why demonizing political opponents can be so dangerous. Unhinged people become real world threats when chanting at rallies and ranting on the internet is not enough to satisfy their most fervent dreams of bad things happening to politicians and activists that they hate.

We would all do well to remember that on both sides of the aisle. Thankfully, since Bill Clinton was President, the Clintons have lifelong Secret Service protection. That should keep this lunatic from doing anything to them.

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Watch the amazing video below:

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