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WATCH: Ex WH Staffer Says Trump is ‘Terrified’ About What Will Be Revealed in Maggie Haberman’s New Book

WATCH: Ex WH Staffer Says Trump is ‘Terrified’ About What Will Be Revealed in Maggie Haberman’s New Book

For some reason, Maggie Haberman’s from the New York Times was able to earn Donald Trump’s trust. And over the four years of his presidency, she was able to break a number of big stories.

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In October of this year, Haberman will be publishing a new book about the former President. Some of the stories from the book have already leaked out. And what might be to come, says former WH staffer Alyssa Farah, terrifies Trump.

The former White House Communications Director told the ladies on The View, “I still talk to some folks in Trumpworld, the ones who have not engaged in criminality. The former president is terrified of Maggie Haberman’s book. This is the first big anecdote, but there is quite a bit more to come. She’s covered him for decades. He’s scared of that. He is mortified.”

Speaking about stories of Trump flushing documents down the toilet, Farah continued:

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“What’s interesting to me is I’m, like, what would be on those documents that you would be, like, this has to go down the toilet? That’s the question I think we’re all dying to know the answer to, but let me say this. I have to say as a Republican, I hold a top-secret security clearance. I know how to handle classified information. It was wrong when Hillary Clinton destroyed classified federal documents and it’s absolutely wrong when Donald Trump does. I’m just shocked he went a step further, not just bleaching it, but sticking it down the toilet which is something else.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC:

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