WATCH: Ex-Trump Staffer Slams Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Unethical

Several people who worked in the Trump White House have seen their stars fade. Most of the people who served in important cabinet positions, such as vice president, chief of staff, and attorney general, have essentially seen their political careers end. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an exception. Once Trump's Press Secretary, she rode her notoriety among Conservatives to the Arkansas Governors' Mansion. She came up in recent testimony from the Trump trial when David Pecker noted that he had spoken to her about hush money agreements. 

Sarah Matthews, who worked as a Deputy Press Secretary in the Trump White House made an appearance on MSNBC this morning. Host Alex Witt asked, "What do you make of the idea Hope Hicks and Sarah Sanders, while in the White House, might have been part of a strategy, that phone call alleged by David Pecker to decide how to handle Karen McDougal? Just two White House staffers being involved is the question?"

The former staffer answered:

"This would be something that I would categorize as unethical behavior. To think that two employees of the White House whose salaries are being paid by taxpayer dollars are in cahoots with a media outlet to try to cover up an affair and involved in a hush money payment scheme, and that they had knowledge of this is definitely quite concerning."

Matthews continued by saying, "This (Huckabee Sanders) is someone who was extremely close with Donald Trump, with him from the beginning of his campaign through his presidency."