WATCH: Ex-Trump Staffer Explains How GOP Will Go After Biden

On Thursday, an investigation into how Joe Biden handled classified documents came to a conclusion. The special counsel, Robert Hur, decided against charging the President. Hur, however, attempted to damage the President's reputation by writing that he had challenges with his memory. 

Democrats saw the obvious bias from Hur, a Republican. And Conservatives quickly seized on Hur's language saying it shows that Biden isn't prepared to run for office against. Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former Trump staffer, said that this shows how the GOP will play dirty in the looming election. 

Griffin made the comments during a Friday morning appearance on CNN. "He was exonerated, but we're not living in an era of goodwill in politics where we could expect the Republican side to take the high ground," she said. "They're gonna play dirty here. They're gonna weaponize what we saw in this report about his age. And I'm not sure Biden is prepared to counter it as heavily as he needs to."

The pundit later continued, "Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have an age issue. They've both had gaffes and questions about their mental acuity. But the perception of the two is the real issue here."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: