WATCH: Ex-Trump Official Calls for a Boycott of the RNC

The RNC has been a different kind of operation since Donald Trump took over the Republican party. Reince Priebus didn;t last very long as chairman after Trump won. Ronna McDaniel, who dropped the Romney from her name in deference to Trump, lasted several years. 

But Trump pulled a power move recently and made his daughter-in-law, Lara, the new head of the RNC. Former Trump staffer Olivia Troye was asked about the move during a recent interview on MSNBC. 

Troye told Jose Diaz-Balart, "I think it is horrific. I think the RNC, well, yes, they'll support the presidential candidate, but they are supposed to be supporting Republicans across the board, Republican candidates."

The former Trump staffer continued, "Instead, I feel like this is officially, overtly, become the Trump legal defense fund," she continued. "So I would say to Republican voters and independents stop donating to the party because the candidates are not going to see that money— we know that.

Troye closed:

"Think about where your funds are going and if you care about electing rational sane Republicans, focus on them directly maybe or turn away from what this is. Because, really, this is just an enabler for Trump and it's embarrassing."