Ex-Trump Lawyer Says Congress Needs to Act on Clarence Thomas Ethics Scandal

There is a long list of rules concerning judges around the country and how they should conduct themselves. These rules, though, don't apply to the Supreme Court. Those placed on the body are supposed to be of impeachable character, people who will always make the right choice. 

 Samuel Alito and especially Clarence Thomas,  do not feel any need to abide by those standards. In fact, they have made a mockery of them. The issue is so bad that even former Trump lawyers are calling on Congress to act. 

It was revealed on Friday that Thomas had failed to disclose even more gifts from his billionaire backer Harlan Crow. CNN's Abby Philip brought on Elie Mystal and former Trump lawyer Tim Parlatore to discuss the matter. 

Mystal began, "So once again, we caught Clarence Thomas in a lie because when these allegations, when these gifts first came out, were first reported by ProPublica, Thomas said that he was not required to report them on its disclosure form. Now, he’s saying not reporting them was an inadvertent omission. Well, which one is it, Clarence?"

Parlatore then weighed in, "I agree with Elie completely on this. I’ve represented several senior executive branch officials with investigations from the Office of Government Ethics. Military officers are only allowed to accept gifts up to $20. NYPD cops, they get written up if they take a free cup of coffee. You know, there are rules in place for federal judges that limit the gift that they can get at $50. But it specifically exempts the Supreme Court."

The lawyer continued:

"Any type of thing where they’re taking these large gifts – it’s an appearance of impropriety. It’s something that does, in my opinion, it degrades the image of impartiality and I think, I agree with Elie, this is something that the Congress should act and try and put in some reasonable regulations."