WATCH: Ex-Trump Exec Guesses Accountant Allen Weisselberg Flipped on Trump

The New York state probe into Donald Trump is being treated like an investigation into organized crime. And when conducting mafia investigations, prosecutors often attempt to get lower level employees to flip on the boss.

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This is seemingly how New York investigators are treating former Trump accountant Allen Weisselberg. Not only are prosecutors looking into the Trump money man, they are looking into his children as well. And because of that, Barbara Res says, Weisselberg has probably flipped on his former boss already.

The former Trump Organization exec made the comments while speaking to Ari Melber. She told the MSNBC host, “I think Weisselberg is very concerned about his kids. I think that what they’re doing is the kind of thing they did with [retired Lt. Gen. Michael] Flynn. Remember his kid? I don’t think Weisselberg will let his son go to jail. So that’s what he’s doing.”

Res, stating that she didn’t have any inside information, continued, “This is my opinion. I don’t know the facts, but I do know Donald, and I have seen him operate, and I have seen the organization operate. Weisselberg has evolved into a different person. I don’t know exactly where he’s at now, but I knew who he was. He bowed to Donald Trump.”

The former exec concluded, “Weisselberg will not — he will not go to jail, and he will not let his children be thrown under the bus, so to speak. Because there is no pardon coming down the road. The only thing that Trump has to offer right now is money, and I don’t know that money would pay off jail time.”


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