[WATCH] Ex-Trump Adviser Dares Stone Jury Forewoman To Sue Him After Blasting Her

Ex-Trump adviser Sam Nunberg attacked the jury forewoman from Roger Stone’s trial while appearing on MSNBC’s “Weekends” on Saturday. Nunberg blasted the woman by accusing her of lying before daring her to file a lawsuit. He said, “That trial, I had problems with it,” said Nunberg. “Amy Berman Jackson, the judge, said things at the Manafort trial that made her completely conflicted to do this trial. There was an issue with the foreman. It came out she lied … that’s what Roger is appealing.”

The host, Alex Witt replied, “So, Sam, you’re just saying that a jury foreman and a judge were lying.” Nunberg responded, “Yeah, the foreman lied. The foreman absolutely lied. Are you familiar with it? … If she has a problem, she can sue me. I think she’s a liar. In fact, go look at the Facebook post she put up and then go look at what she said when they were questioning her if she had any bias. It’s outrageous.”

Alex Witt would go on to point out that Roger Stone was convicted. She said, “Sam, he was convicted by a jury. You can argue this and continue to do so, and I’m sure you’ll be back again on the broadcast and may continue to do so then, but let’s leave that right now.”

Nunberg and other Roger Stone supports have used the reasoning that the jury forewoman was not impartial due to anti-Trump posts she made on Facebook. It is important to note that this was brought to the judge’s attention and the judge rejected the argument and deemed that the jury was impartial. Stone was convicted of lying to Congress and was sentenced to 40 months, however, President Trump commuted the sentence earlier this week.

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