WATCH: Ex-Senator McCaskill Explains Biden's 'Secret Advantage' in Looming Debate

Donald Trump knows next to nothing about current events and what's happening in the country. Normally, that doesn't matter; his voters don't expect him to be able to govern; they love him for what he represents. However, not knowing much matters when Trump is participating in a debate. 

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are set to take each other on in a debate airing next week. And during a Friday spot on Morning Joe, former Senator Claire McCaskill explained why the current President has an advantage over the challenger. 

McCaskill began

"Now I do think that Biden has a secret advantage – it's not secret, though. That is that Donald Trump has been saying for months he can't even walk or talk. There have never been expectations set as lowly as the expectations or lower – the expectations that have been set for Biden. You know, in fact, even Trump realizes he's got a problem because I think he said the other day on a podcast that Biden is a worthy debater which, of course, is, like, what? I thought that this is the guy who can't function."

The MSNBC commentator continued

"I  do think that if Biden comes out and is aggressive, what he says is not as important as how he says, it and he's got to be a street fighter, but he's comfortable doing that. He is comfortable, he's, you know, scrappy Joe from Scranton, [who] can come out and throw haymakers because deep down or maybe not so deep down he doesn't respect Trump, and he will have no problem, I think, going after him with hammer and tongs, and that's what he's got to do."