WATCH: Ex-Prosecutor Weissman Blasts Trump for Calling His Trial Rigged

Donald Trump spent the last six weeks in a New York City courtroom, facing charges over hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. While he complained about what was going on after each daily session, he never took the opportunity to go up on the stand and testify on his own behalf. 

Trump was convicted today on all 34 charges against him, and he quickly went outside to claim that the trial was rigged. Andrew Weissman, the former FBI General Counsel, had a message for the former President while appearing on MSNBC. 

Weissmann began by taking issue with Trump wanting a jury full of his own supporters, saying, "jurors can't be trusted unless they're MAGA Republicans.' That is essentially what he's saying, that the 'jury of my peers' has to be people who voted for me."

The lawyer continued, "that is not how the justice system works. It's so defunct of citizens, people that is the way the system works. It is also so dismissive of citizens of people, and that is the way our system works. You can't just say that judges did this. These were people from the community who made this choice."

Weissmann then closed by telling the former President, "but when he comes out and says things are rigged, and that is now in a political arena, the answer to him in the political arena is, 'You know what, then you could have taken the stand and you wanted them to hear your voice? Take the freaking stand!"