WATCH: Ex-Prosecutor Says Donald Trump Jr. Could Be Criminally Charged After Testimony

Ex-Prosecutor Elie Honig told CNN that Donald Trump Jr. may have opened himself up for criminal prosecution with his testimony on Wednesday. 

Donald Trump has been able to avoid facing the consequences of his actions for decades. His children have seemingly inherited his blase attitude towards potential legal problems. Donald Trump Jr. took the stand in New York's case against the Trump Organization and refused to take the 5th Amendment. 

Instead, Trump's eldest son said that he didn't know anything about widespread fraud within the business, saying that was up to the accounting department. Host Wolf Blitzer asked Honig, "Is Donald Trump Jr. taking a risk by testifying and not taking the Fifth Amendment?"

The legal expert responded:

"The attorney general's core allegation here is that Donald Trump Jr. and some of his family members intentionally and knowingly overinflated the value of their assets, and what I think is really crucial to note about the testimony that Donald Trump Jr. just gave hours ago is he did not try to argue that these valuations were actually accurate, that they were legitimate. Instead ... he tried to argue, I didn't really know about them, I wasn't part of this. He tried to distance himself from the actual valuations."

Honig closed his comments, "Prosecutors have looked at this case. They have chosen not to charge it as a criminal case thus far, but that could change based on Donald Trump Jr.'s testimony, so there's an inherent risk in taking the stand here."