WATCH: Ex-Prosecutor Explains Why Sleeping Through Trial Could Be Smart Move For Trump

While he will spend some of his time in the court room raging and glaring at prosecutors and potential jurors, Donald Trump has been pretty bored during his trial. According to reports, the former President may even have fallen asleep during Monday deliberations. 

The 45th President has shown essentially no control over himself in court proceedings and almost always makes more trouble for himself when he acts or speaks. Tristan Snell made an interesting observation while discussing the case on MSNBC Tuesday night. 

While speaking with Nicolle Wallace, the former New York assistant Attorney General remarked, "You know, I think that the folks that have been joking online that maybe the best thing that Trump could do for his team is to fall asleep— as he looked like he did yesterday."

Snell continued, "Napping is a great way for him to get through this. For him to start getting into a huffy-puffy, big bad wolf mode with the jurors is going to inch him closer and closer to some serious consequences. They are still just baby-stepping this along."

The pundit closed his remarks, "The more that he does things like that, the worse it is going to be. If I'm his team, I'm sitting there, 'Oh, God, how could we get him through this without him making a total mess of everything?"