WATCH: Ex-Prosecutor Explains how Trump Lawyer 'Lost the Judges'

Donald Trump was present in court today while his lawyers argued that he is immune from prosecution. The most stirring part of the hearing came when Trump's lawyer, John Sauer, replied that the President could not be prosecuted for ordering the assassination of a political rival. 

Elliot Williams, a former federal prosecutor appeared on CNN this evening to discuss how the former President's lawyers handled the case and he was not impressed. 

Host Pamela Brown asked, "I want to start with this idea the president is immune from any charges related to official duties, including carrying out an assassination against a political rival, unless the president was ... impeached by Congress first. Is this anything different from a legal perspective?"

Williams answered, "Not at all.  have been a lawyer for a while. That was the moment when you said, wow, you have lost these judges. I don't think Donald Trump's team is getting them back."

The former prosecutor continued, "There is a really good argument that looking back at the president for the next seven years, the idea that he had to pardon him from his crimes, apparently means that there has been another recognition before, that a president can be held accountable. If that was the case, they need to have another pardon."