WATCH: Ex-Pence Advisor Blasts Republican Lawmakers Over Their Loyalty to Trump

Donald Trump is no longer an elected official. He has been the primary reason why Republicans have failed to perform as well as they thought they could have in several elections. Still, the majority of the party's lawmakers will still listen to Trump no matter what his advice is. 

Alyssa Farah Griffin worked in the Trump White House as a communications director and she now makes regular appearances on The View. During a Tuesday morning spot on CNN, she tore into Republican lawmakers over their craven loyalty to Trump. 

Host Poppy Harlow began, "Start with the power the president still wields over Republicans, even Republicans who have criticized his stance on immigration before. What's the backup plan? Is it to wait 350 days and hope Trump is inaugurated as president?"

Griffin replied, "Let me put it this way: this bill would have never gotten to the floor in a John Boehner house. This is a very conservative bill negotiated by James Lankford, one of the most conservative members of the Senate. This is inarguably a win for people who want border security."

The pundit closed, "It's remarkably craven. The challenge, though, is, are the Biden folks going to be able to communicate in the next ten months. I tried to secure the border but Donald Trump convinced Republicans to block it? That's the hard part."