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WATCH: Ex-NYPD Detective Blasts ‘Boldly Ignorant’ Ted Cruz

WATCH: Ex-NYPD Detective Blasts ‘Boldly Ignorant’ Ted Cruz

Since this week’s massacre of elementary school students in Uvalde, Texas, no one has defended guns more vociferously than Ted Cruz. The Texas senator spoke an NRA Event this weekend and has some thoughts on how doors could prevent future shootings.

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Marq Claxton, a former NYPD detective, has no time for Cruz’s solution. In fact, the former cop things that the Texas senator’s suggestions are ignorant.

MSNBC host Katie Phang asked, “Marq, I was a prosecutor for half my career, I never prosecuted somebody for leaving a door open. How absurd is this proposal by Ted Cruz that the solution is to make sure that we don’t have too many doors at our schools?”

The former detective answered, “Ted Cruz’s statements were boldly ignorant and dismissive of the clear obvious danger that is faced by so many people in society because of the prevalence of violence and gun violence in particular. It really shows just how so many political electeds lack the fortitude to move forward and do the right thing: save lives.”

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Claxton continued, “Instead of sloganeering, Mr.Cruz and his other elected colleagues really should be working on legislation that provides, or minimizes the risk of damage, and could quite possibly and probably save lives,” he continued. “That is some additional gun restrictions, some background checks, there are other things that are out there that will undoubtedly be effective and save lives, and prevent these gun violence deaths.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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