WATCH: Ex-GOP Rep. Ken Buck Thinks Trump's Trials Will Turn Off Evangelicals

The vast majority of Republican lawmakers are too terrified of Donald Trump to ever criticize him. Some, though, are at least willing to leave the party that they feel no longer represent them. Ken Buck, a long-time congressman from Colorado left the body before finishing his term. 

Few people are more versed with how the House GOP is losing the country more than somebody who just left it. And Buck knows that some Republicans will have an issue with Trump's legal cases and he thinks the people most affected will be Evangelicals. 

Buck made the comments during a Saturday appearance on CNN. He remarked, "The key to me is the essence of this case has to do with Donald Trump having an extramarital affair; they are paying a woman to have that affair and then paying that woman to not talk about the affair during the campaign for president in 2016."

The former congressman continued, "That will turn off a lot of Republican evangelical, Christian voters. And I think they will be hard-pressed to support this president, regardless of whether he is convicted or not convicted. It's important to remind folks of the essence of this case and where it began."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: