WATCH: Ex-GOP Rep. Explains How Ron DeSantis Could Get Revenge on Rick Scott

Ron DeSantis has a decision to make about his political future. His bid for the Republican nomination flamed out spectacularly. He is still the Governor of Florida, but due to term limits he won't be able to run again. Still only 45 years old, DeSantis has to figure out what he is going to do. 

DeSantis didn't prove to be popular across the nation, but he is still quite popular in the state of Florida. David Jolly, an MSNBC contributor and a former Florida GOP congressman has an idea for DeSantis; try to win Rick Scott's senate seat. 

Jolly made the suggestion during a conversation with host Jen Psaki. He told the former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki, "I think his spouse, Casey, could end up with a Fox show and start to out-shine Ron. But the wildcard is this: he could come home and primary Rick Scott this year for the U.S. Senate race, and he would beat Rick Scott."

The former Rep. continued:

"The animosity is real," he continued. "Consider Marco Rubio and Rick Scott endorsed Donald Trump over Ron DeSantis. I imagine Ron is so fatigued from the presidential trail that they won't do that. But vanity is a powerful drug. He has until May or June to qualify for the U.S. Senate race. Maybe he pulls the trigger and as that."