WATCH: Ex-GOP Rep. Explains How DeSantis Will Be the Next Jeb Bush

A lot of Ron DeSantis' actions during the COVID-19 pandemic endeared him to Republican voters. And the party decided that the Florida Governor had a big future. That hasn't come to pass as the candidate has completely failed to connect with voters on any level. 

DeSantis had seemingly decided that he would be the next standard bearer of the party without seeing how voters felt about him. That sounds a lot like another Florida Governor who sought the GOP nomination against Donald Trump. 

When asked about DeSantis' sinking campaign during an MSNBC segment, David Jolly responded, "Look, the storyline on Ron Desantis is this, and on Saturday morning we can be light-hearted about it, but Republicans jumped into a hot and heavy dating relationship with him. He was the prom king. He was, Time magazine said, the future. His opening ad said on the eighth day God created him: Ron DeSantis."

The former Florida congressman continued, "And so they jumped into this heavy dating relationship with him, they thought he was all that — they realized he wasn't. That he was just into himself and not into them. He was a little boring, he had lost his moves, he was stale. Republican voters have moved on and, just like a bad boyfriend, Ron DeSantis doesn't realize that."

Jolly closed, "Ron DeSantis' presidential run is likely over. The question is, is his political career over as well? Because where does he go after leaving the governorship? Ask Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee how that went. It doesn't go well."