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WATCH: EX-GOP Aide Says Party Was Shrinking Even Before Killing Off Their Voters

WATCH: EX-GOP Aide Says Party Was Shrinking Even Before Killing Off Their Voters

After Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election to Barack Obama, the GOP conducted an ‘autopsy,’ intending to find out how they could better win in the future. The study showed that the party should be trying to build relationships with minority voters and moving towards the center.

Republicans essentially did the opposite. They nominated Donald Trump whose platform was almost entirely built on white grievance. And because of that loyalty to Trump, many GOP officials are helping their voters die of COVID-19. Kurt Bardella, who served as an aide to multiple Republicans discussed the problems with the party during a Monday appearance on Morning Joe.

Kurt Bardella told the hosts, “It’s (the Republican party) getting smaller and smaller and smaller. We have a party that, No. 1, is giving instructions to the most ardent supporters that will kill them. If you believe this iteration of the Republican Party, it could cost you your life. Your leaders, governors like the one in Mississippi, what we’ve seen in Alabama, with more deaths in Alabama than actual births in the last year, if you believe in this party, it could cost you your life.”

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Bardella continued:

“No. 2, if you are a woman in this country, this is a party that doesn’t believe that your body is yours to command, that you have the right to make decisions about your health,” he continued. “For all the things we hear from this party, so-called liberty and freedom and their ridiculous defense of why we shouldn’t take the vaccine, that seemingly doesn’t apply if you’re a woman wanting to make a health care decision for yourself. If you’re a minority, you’re labeled as the enemy, dirt, a drug dealer or rapist or criminal or a virus.”

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