WATCH: “Ex-Gay” Milo Yiannopoulos Believes Homophobia Is Natural (But Has To Force Himself To It)

Milo Yiannopoulos made a name for himself as a far-right commentator who also happened to be gay. Now, he says he’s not gay anymore, and that it’s natural to be revolted by things like gay rights and drag queen story hour. Meanwhile, on his Telegram channel, he details just how much effort he puts into forcing himself to be anti-gay.

(Content Warnings: imagery of self-injury; anti-LGBT language and rhetoric.)

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/YouTube]

In the following Right Wing Watch clip, Yiannopoulos explains that he is working on a book entitled “Make America Hate Again,” and performs an elaborate display of disgust at Drag Queen Story Hour and other free expression and efforts for acceptance.

However, his social media — that is to say, his Telegram channel, since he’s been banned from Facebook, Twitter, and even Parler — a different story can be witnessed.

In December, we witness him counting the days since what he refers to as “sodomy,” and blaming gay people for homophobia.

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/Telegram]

Earlier this week, Milo shares a concerning image — it’s a healing burn on his leg, which he says comes from pouring hot oil on himself when he has certain sexual thoughts.

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/Telegram]

He quickly pulled a u-turn, assuring his readers that he doesn’t do this anymore — because, he says, he has “more discipline” now — and that it won’t leave permanent marks. He follows this with a quick change of subject, pivoting to boasting of how he treats Muslim Uber customers.

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/Telegram]

In fact, Milo can’t stop talking about being anti-gay. Some of his most recent posts boast about being “as viscerally disgusted by sodomy” as his readers, and declare that homophobia has been one of his life goals.

[Screenshot via Milo Yiannopoulos/Telegram]

Milo Yiannopoulos does not, at any point, address how he concludes that hate and homophobia is natural and instinctive, when he admits freely that he has to put in so much effort for it himself.

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