WATCH: Ex-Crack Addict Mike Lindell Says He Won’t Follow Biden Mandates Because COVID Vaccine is Unsafe to Put in Your Body

It was clear to pretty much anyone who has seen his commercials over the last few years, that Mike Lindell wasn’t all there. His money was green, though, so Fox News and even Donald Trump were more than happy to platform him.

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The pillow magnate has only gotten crazier since Trump lost. And he’s lost his regular spots on every Conservative platform except for Steve Bannon’s show. When asked about Biden’s new vaccine recommendations, Lindell bloviated:

“If you think MyPillow there are 2,700 employees, they’re going to force people to get vaccinations or take a test every other day or every week. And here’s the nonsensical thing to who decides once a week? Who decides 100 employees, why not 50? Why not zero? Why not 200? I mean, where do they come up with this garbage? And then he and then he lied. Steve, he said, oh, there’s 80 million people not, not vaccinated. Well, gee, that’s kind of funny. That’s how many votes Donald Trump really got. You know, it’s probably more like 200 million people aren’t vaccinated. I don’t know a Christian out there that I know that’s going to get vaccinated because it’s actually, you know, I’ve said it before. I believe it’s mark of the beast. If you want to take that vaccination, you go ahead. But don’t worry about what I do then, because all of us that don’t want to take it, we risk each other. I feel I’m more at risk. I know more people that have died from taking it than didn’t take it.”

Watch below:

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