WATCH: Ex: Bush Strategist is Wondering How RFK is Getting Votes After Brain Worms Story

There is extreme polarization in today's politics, which opens the door for candidates who paint themselves as independent. This year, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is running a third-party bid against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The biggest issue for Kennedy, which isn't being covered nearly enough, is that he is not currently on the ballot in many states. 

Despite his issues, which include a report that he claimed that worms ate his brain, Kennedy Jr. is polling pretty decently and hurting Joe Biden and Donald Trump. An astonished Mark McKinnon discussed RFK Jr.'s numbers during a Friday appearance on MSNBC. 

The former Bush strategist told Chris Jansing, "Nobody’s clear who he hurts more, but the reality is he’s taking a big piece out of both of them and if you want to know who he’s threatening, just look at who is attacking him and at first it was Biden, and then it was Trump, so that’s the remarkable thing, he’s an anti-vaxxer with appeal on the right and a pro-environmentalist with appeal on the left."

McKinnon continued, "We have two nominees and three-quarters of the country find those nominees very acceptable and a guy who says a worm has eaten part of his brain is getting 16% of the vote, so the choices here are really tough for American voters."