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WATCH: Even The Far-Right Is Condemning Marjorie Taylor Greene As Useless (At Best) In Congress

WATCH: Even The Far-Right Is Condemning Marjorie Taylor Greene As Useless (At Best) In Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be really enjoying her role as a Representative in Congress. She’s posting plenty of selfies and workout vids, submitting articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, and generally getting a lot of attention — but even the people she’s aligned with don’t seem too happy about her role there.

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As previously reported, Lin Wood — an attorney who has a significant influence and prominence in the q-anon and election conspiracy theory circles — has trashed Greene, calling her a traitor and encouraging like-minded Republicans to show up at her events to chant “traitor” and “communist,” drowning her out when she speaks.

Of course, he’s angry because she admitted there’s nothing she can actually do to overturn the election outcome — but just the same, he’s riling up Georgia voters against her.

Now another far-right public figure is speaking against her, declaring her a “grifter” and saying she’s putting too much attention on fame and celebrity status, and not enough on actually pushing extreme far-right policies through Congress.

Stew Peters’ podcast pushes anti-vax, anti-immigrant, and anti-Biden conspiracy theories — essentially appealing to the same following that Greene relies on.

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Greene won her election with about 3/4 of the vote from her district — but she did so after her only opponent dropped out of the race, and a quarter of her constituents still chose a candidate who’d withdrawn over her.

Salon had already reported in March that her fellow legislators were annoyed at her pointless delay tactics and dramatic antics. Now she’s being condemned by public figures who have influence with far-right extremists.

There’s still more than a year left in Greene’s term, but it’s clear that even a lot of Republicans arent interested in giving her another term after that.

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