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[WATCH] Even More Tears On MyPillow: Jordan Klepper vs Mike Lindell

[WATCH] Even More Tears On MyPillow: Jordan Klepper vs Mike Lindell

As we reported earlier, Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow who’s been banned from Twitter for pushing the Big Lie about the 2020 Presidential election, hosted a rally where at some point, he took enough of a break from his duties as the event host to do an interview with Jordan Klepper of “The Daily Show” that instantly went sideways.

Standing by the port-a-potties, Klepper employed his trademark dry sense of humor while trolling–er, interviewing–Lindell, who quickly began to deteriorate in his frustration over not being taken seriously, giving Klepper exactly the kind of footage “The Daily Show” is known for, at one point yelling “We’re supposed to be letting people like you destroy us?” before complaining that Klepper had not watched his videos about the election.

Lindell made an attempt to subvert Klepper by airing his cellphone footage of the interview on Steve Bannon’s show, as if that was going to stop “The Daily Show” from using what they had.

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Of course, the show’s take on the entire experience is a full 180 from Lindell’s, which is why it’s so great. At one point, Klepper drops his usually combative sarcasm and gets serious with the pillow man. Klepper asks, “Is this helping, Mike?”

Lindell seems taken aback by the question and exclaims, “This here is helping. I already have the evidence. Do you know what this is doing? Do you guys get it?”

“It’s perpetuating anger, fear, and attacking our democracy,” Klepper replies seriously.

“No, you know what? You are!” says Lindell before plugging his own social media platform, Frank, as a place where people can freely discuss, say, vaccines. They argued back and forth for a while before Lindell says,”You guys are horrible,” and storms off.

Watch the full segment where Jordan Klepper fully owns Mike Lindell with very little effort, below.

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