WATCH: Eric Trump Tries to Paint His Father as a Martyr

Donald Trump had a horrible time this week, becoming a convicted felon and it was no surprise to see his surrogates out in force on cable news this weekend. Eric Trump, one of his most incapable talking heads was on Fox News this weekend to talk about his Dad. 

Discussing his father's 'incredibly poor treatment' with Maria Bartiromo this on Sunday, Trump received next to no pushback from the Fox host. Trump took the opportunity to paint the 45th President as a poor, unfortunate victim of a 'rigged' justice system.  

The former President's son told Bartiromo, "I go into a courthouse, and I see absolute corruption from a judge, a judge whose daughter is apparently making millions and millions of dollars fundraising off of my father effectively going to jail, I mean, turning down every witness we have, a one-sided court."

Eric Trump continued:

"You just mentioned a second ago that the judge scheduled sentencing for four days before the RNC Convention in Milwaukee, the Republicans' biggest day of the entire campaign cycle, their big event, their big show. The judge puts it four days before. The American people are not stupid, Maria. They see exactly what's going on. They're turning Donald Trump into a martyr."

Watch a clip of the segment here, courtesy of the Fox News Network.