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WATCH: Eric Trump Says His Dad Won In 2016 & 2020 — And Will Win In 2024

WATCH: Eric Trump Says His Dad Won In 2016 & 2020 — And Will Win In 2024

Is Donald Trump running for President of the United States again in 2024? The hopes of his fan base fuel fundraising efforts, and Trump and others in his camp keep dropping hints that an official announcement will be forthcoming — but like the much-touted healthcare plan and the election overturn, the date never quite seems to come.

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At a ReAwaken America event, Trump’s second son, Eric, spoke to a crowd of supporters, and simultaneously pushed the false claim that his father won the 2020 election, and the promise that “we” will win again in 2024 — although the word “we” leaves some room for interpretation, and could mean Trump himself, a candidate he supports openly, or Republicans in general.

Then Eric praises the crow, letting them know how much he appreciates the “good chants” they’re offering in support. These include “let’s go Brandon,” “lock her up,” and “build the wall.”

Other than the “Brandon” chant, which is MAGA code for “f*** Joe Biden,” the same refrains have been echoing at Trump rallies since his first run for office, and the fact that Trump never took the promised legal actions against his first Presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, and that he didn’t fulfill his promise to build a wall blocking entry from the southern border, don’t seem to have dissuaded his fans from their belief in those promises.

It should also be noted that Eric Trump encouraged the chant that has been pushed as code for “f*** Joe Biden” despite making a display of apologizing for his own use of the word “sh*t” in an anecdote told from the same stage.

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