WATCH: Eric Trump on his Dad: “He’s Really the Father to America”

Not only is Donald Trump banned from using Twitter or Facebook, he’s also out of the White House. So Americans are getting used to not hearing from him every 5 minutes.

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Conservative TV networks are more than happy to keep rolling out his children. On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity welcomed Eric Trump onto his nightly show. Trump made a number of wild comments about his father’s popularity, referring to him as “the father to America.”

By most measures, Donald Trump is the least popular president in modern American history. He is the only US president to never reach a 50% approval rating.

Still, his son claimed, “They wanna tar and feather the man. They know he did a great job for this nation. They know that there’s never been a more beloved political figure in our country’s history.”

Trump also boasted, “There are 75 million Americans who would follow him to the end of Earth. I mean, they love the man, they love what he stands for. They love that he was a fighter, that he carried that fight largely alone.”

The president’s son ended the segment by saying:

“What my father did is something that no political figure has ever done in American history, and he changed his country, and he changed it for the better. And he taught people how to fight, and he gave Americans the greatest civics lesson, and it’s exactly, frankly, what this country needed. He’s really a father to America.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:



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