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WATCH: Eric Trump Is Falling Apart As Investigations Close In On His Family

WATCH: Eric Trump Is Falling Apart As Investigations Close In On His Family

Eric Trump is clearly really struggling with everything that’s going on in his life. He appeared on a Fox opinion show Monday night to put this on display as he essentially pleaded for the world to care more about crimes made up and alleged against Hillary Clinton than those that his own family is being investigated for.

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Trump seems at the brink of tears in this clip, as he vents to Sean Hannity, complaining that his father gets investigated “every single day for nothing,” while prosecutors won’t go after Clinton for actions vaguely alleged in an unrelated court filing made only after the statute of limitations had passed.

As CNN lays out here, the filing in question doesn’t even accuse Clinton of anything; rather, it alleges that an attorney connected to her former campaign shared internet data with the CIA that the investigator alleges was intended to increase suspicion about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia.

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This is all part of a probe initiated by Bill Barr when he was serving as Attorney General under Donald Trump, as Trump insisted that the original investigation, by Robert Mueller, had proven him innocent — despite Mueller saying no such thing.

The Trumps are staging a last-ditch effort to stop the investigation into the Trump Organization by suing New York Attorney General Leticia James, claiming that she’s politically persecuting them as she investigates crimes alleged against them. Now with that case hitting the court in just days, this new filing seems to provide the family with a distraction they can use to point attention away from the Trump Organization’s legal issues.

However, if Eric’s emotional state is any clue, he may not be feeling very confident about either move protecting his father (and Eric himself) from consequences.

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