WATCH: Eric Trump Claims His Father Drew 30,000 To An Arena That Seats 8,600

The President has a love for using extreme hyperbole, knowing it’s unlikely that his supporters would ever fact check his statements. The trait has been passed down to his sons as well. Just last week, son Donald Jr. claimed that Democrats are hoping millions die from the coronavirus.

Eric Trump

Eric Trump is also willing to make grandiose statements about his father and the current administration. During an appearance on Fox News Tuesday night, Eric Trump claimed that his father drew 30,000 people to a recent North Carolina rally. The issue is that the arena only holds 8,600.

Trump made the claim while bragging about how enthusiastic voters are about his Dad. He told Fox News, “My Father had 30,000 in an arena in Charlotte last night.”

Just like most Trump family claims, this one was incredibly easy to fact check and prove wrong.

Eric Trump wasn’t the only Trump surrogate attempting to distort numbers last night. Sara Huckabee Sanders claimed that voter turnout was down in Virginia and North Carolina only the be fact-checked by Bret Baier.

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