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[WATCH] Eric Swalwell Demolishes Jim Jordan Of Leading the GOP’s ‘War On Little Girls’ During Fiery Hearing

[WATCH] Eric Swalwell Demolishes Jim Jordan Of Leading the GOP’s ‘War On Little Girls’ During Fiery Hearing

There’s a great passage late in Rep. Eric Swalwell’s fantastic book about Donald Trump’s first impeachment, Endgame, where he encounters a particularly loathsome Republican colleague at the House of Representatives gym. Swalwell, a California Democrat, describes the need to clear his head on the last day of the trial by hitting the elliptical machine:

“How you doing?” I said to the guy working out one spot over.

“Hi, Eric,” Jim Jordan said back. 

That was all we had to say to each other. It was so strange. Where else do two adversaries who will be clashing that day share space beforehand? Imagine an NFL game where the teams have the same locker rooms and suit up side by side.

I share that because after the first impeachment Swalwell, (aka my #DemCrush) went on to own Jim Jordan on the regular like few others in Congress. Like, George Clooney should hire him as a consultant. It was even more glorious to witness him shredding the subpoenaed Trump lackey the same week he was named by Rep. Stephanie Murphy as a January 6th co-conspirator during the most recent House Select Committee hearing. I’d also like to add how disgusting it is to have Jordan and Rep. Matt Gaetz still sitting on House Judiciary when the former is on the brink of a Contempt of Congress charge and the latter begged for a blanket pardon for literally everything he’s ever done, but hey, everything’s allowed now, right?

But it’s even more disgusting to listen to these mediocre Republican men discuss the bodies of rape victims as though they were discussing farm animals–and I’m really not that far off in my analogy since they’re no different than Nick “I Couldn’t Hate Myself More” Fuentes–during an often heated Judiciary Committee hearing discussing the ramifications of the end of Roe v Wade.

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At the center of most of the discussion was the horrific case of a 10-year-old girl in Ohio who was raped by an undocumented man who was in the US illegally. True to form, Republicans tried to focus on the “but how did ‘the illegal’ get there to rape her?” and hunting down the doctor in Indiana (where abortion protections are about to go away as well) who performed the life-saving procedure (which this one tried to say wasn’t an abortion, but okay Crazy Catherine). A lot of gross hypotheticals were thrown around. Republicans DO NOT CARE about raped women or little girls. They do not care about raped lesbians. They do not care at all.

And my Dem Crush wasn’t having any of it, however. I can watch him destroy Jim Jordan all day. Hopefully, he won’t have to do it anymore because Jordan will be in prison for treason and Swalwell will move up the chain of power.

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