WATCH: Eric Swalwell Compares Cruz, Gaetz to Pro Wrestlers, Nice Behind Closed Doors, Monsters in Public

Joe Biden, who spent decades in the senate, was famously friends with Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain. One would think that in this highly polarized environment, Liberal and Conservative lawmakers don’t get along anymore.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

But Eric Swalwell says that’s not really the case. In fact, the California congressman said, even the most intense Republicans are pleasant to him behind closed doors. He made that analogy that people like Ted Cruz and Matt Gaetz are like pro wrestlers.

Swalwell made the comments while appearing on the Meidas Touch podcast. He told the hosts, “That’s what’s so frustrating. And this may sound crazy, but if you ran into Matt Gaetz or Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan at the Santa Monica Pier, you would say: ‘These are nice guys! Boy, they’re nothing like what I see them do on Twitter or TV.”

The congressman continued by saying that while he was acting as impeachment manager, Cruz told him that he was, “doing a great job. And I’m like what the f— is this guy talking about? He just scorched me on Fox News, like, the night before. He tweets at me every other week.”

Swalwell closed:

“But to him, if you’re a pro wrestler, like, it doesn’t matter that you hit me over the head in the ring with a steel chair. It’s all fake, right? You’re just doing what the fans want, so I should just be cool with it because he projects onto me what he does. He thinks that I’m just performing as well. And that’s what’s most sickening, is that I don’t even know what these guys believe. Like, I really don’t.”

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