WATCH: Enraged Trump Threatens to Stiff Crew Over Non-Working Teleprompters

Donald Trump may have been bragging about raising millions of dollars after his felony conviction, but it doesn't seem he's using that money to hold safer events. On Sunday, instead of finding an inside venue, the former President held an outdoor rally in over 100-degree Las Vegas weather. 

The rally featured several incoherent moments that have become a hallmark of Trump's 2024 campaign, including an insane ramble about sharks and batteries. Trump was also extremely focused on his non-working teleprompters, complaining regularly and threatening to stiff workers. 

"I got no teleprompters, and I haven’t from the beginning," Trump said. "I pay all this money to teleprompter people. And I’d say 20 percent of the time they don’t work, they don’t work. The thing’s waving around. They can’t tie it a little bit tighter. I’m trying to look at. So we’re all in this together, everybody. Just a mess."

The came the threats to not pay the workers he hired. Trump continued:

"Great job! And then I don’t pay the company that does it, right?” Trump said. “And then I end up with a story, ‘Trump doesn’t pay.’ I don’t pay contractors that do a sh**** job. And that’s a sh**** job. That’s a sh**** job. You can’t read a word.”

“Then they’ll say, ‘Oh, isn’t it terrible? Trump takes advantage of his—, No… when I have a good contractor, a subcontractor, nobody gets paid faster. But when I have contractors that do this kind of work? You can have them."