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WATCH: Elise Jordan Reminds Trump That Culture War Strategy Failed Him in 2018

WATCH: Elise Jordan Reminds Trump That Culture War Strategy Failed Him in 2018

Republicans have tried to come up with a number of excuses for Donald Trump and the GOP’s terrible poll numbers. The one most frequently cited is that the polls “were wrong” in 2016 and that will happen again. 2018, where polls predicted a blue wave and it actually happened is often ignored.

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During an appearance on Morning Joe, Elise Jordan said that Donald Trump would be smart to remember that year’s election. The Republican strategist explained that the President attempted a similar “culture war strategy then and it failed him.

Jordan told host Willie Geist, ” I found it so incredible that Fourth of July weekend, huge address at Mount Rushmore, he does an odd history mash-up and grievance politics but doesn’t talk about any of our current armed forces serving abroad in war zones.”

The media pundit continued:

“You look at all the recent scandal with Donald Trump not protecting our troops in Afghanistan from Russian bounties and instead cozying up to Putin even more, and you can see where this commander in chief’s priorities are. Just to add to what Michael (Steele) said about how Donald Trump is going for the grievances, going for the culture war, that didn’t go so well in 2018. Remember, the caravan narrative, and remember when that was what was supposed to really drive his voters at the last minute and he saw that narrative pretty roundly defeated as the blue wave went into office.”

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Watch a clip below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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