WATCH: Elections Expert Charlie Cook Says Senate Outlook Must Be Demoralizing For Republicans

Charlie Cook has been doing in depth dives into elections as long as anyone. The founder of the Cook Political Report has been breaking down all aspects of elections since 1984.

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On Monday night, Cook joined Lawrence O’Donnell to give his final breakdown of the 2020 senatorial races. The election expert predicted big things for Democrats and said that the outlook must be “demoralizing” for Republicans.

O’Donnell began, “In the presidential race, Charlie Cook is now saying with something close to certainty that Joe Biden will win the election and the only question now is whether it will be a narrow win or a landslide. Charlie Cook says a landslide is more likely.”

The MSNBC pundit continued, “He expects Democrats in the House of Representatives to pick up more seats to strengthen their majority, by about ten more seats. And the United States Senate, which will be my focus of coverage tomorrow night, Charlie Cook says the Senate is increasingly less the case whether Democrats will take a majority, but how how large it will be.”

Cook then discussed the race between Thom Tillis and Cal Cunnigham, “I would throw North Carolina in. This has got to be demoralizing for Republicans, is when a Democrat is ahead 5 to 7 points and has a sex scandal in a southern state and it knocks maybe two points off. It tells me the names on the jersey are more important than the color of the jersey. Sometimes you’re the party, sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug and this year just like in 2006, it looks like the Republicans are the bug.”


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