WATCH: E. Jean Carroll Absolutely Destroyed Donald Trump During a CNN Interview

In June of 2021, E. Jean Carroll published a New Yorker article accusing Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1980s. Trump viciously went after her, claiming he never met her and that she wasn't the kind of woman he would be attracted to. 

Carroll fought back against Trump's slander by suing the former President. She was successful and the former President was ordered to pay her $83 million. The journalist appeared on CNN this morning to talk about her experience 

"There he was, and he was nothing," she told the hosts. "Just, no power. he had — he was zero. That was, I was flabbergasted and from then on we just sailed through."

Carroll was asked whether she made eye contact with the man she accused of raping her. "Many times," she responded, "He's an emperor without clothes. it's like looking at nothing. It was like... nothing."

The journalist closed by saying, "I had been prepared for the worst force, you know, on the Earth today, the most powerful, the most effective, the most money, the richest, the most, you know —— and there he is, he's nothing. It's just the people around him who give him the power; it's the emperor without clothes."