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WATCH: Dr. Scott Atlas Says All Lockdowns do is Kill People

WATCH: Dr. Scott Atlas Says All Lockdowns do is Kill People

Back in March, states like New York, New Jersey and Washington state were having terrible trouble with COVID-19. The states all went into serious lockdown mode. Within weeks, the amount of COVID cases as well as hospitalizations had largely dissapated. The lockdowns saved a number of lives.

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But Dr. Scott Atlas is working for the White House task force because he is willing to argue against any restrictions. And the wildly unqualified doctor normally spreads his views on the Fox News network. On Friday night, Atlas was back to spread disinformation, saying that lockdowns kill people.

The neuroradiologist told Laura Ingraham:

 “Well, I mean, this is your — your previous guest summed it up. I mean, I think at some point, the policymakers have to realize the massive — really — failure of our public health officials. Lockdowns do not eliminate the virus. All lockdowns do are destroy families, really kill people, miss medical care that’s very serious, destroy the children, and then, after you open up the lockdown, the virus is still there — and we see it in Europe. And it’s amazing to me that places, unfortunately, like the U.K. and France have not learned their lesson. Hopefully, the American people understand how to use their vote to stop that kind of thing from happening here”

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Watch a clip of Atlas’ comments below, courtesy of Fox News:

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